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Firs of all I would like to recommend on the following fact,
"Insurance is not only for rich people and or employed people"
It's your right to have an insurance regardless of the level of life you,re

Why we need a travel insurance?
We always travel from one place to another within our countries but sometimes we move abroad as well, wonderful enough we do not travel alone, we  always travel with our precious thing or items which we own, things like laptops, camera, expensive smartphones and many other related items,

We are human and always we do not know anything about the future, due to this fact we must be standby ready for anything which may happen any time within our life, even when you travel from one place to another automatically your mind is set to accept any circumstance which may arise along your way,
Among of such circumstances includes, accidents which may led to disability for rest of your life, loss of our most expensive properties, or both of them, 

Due to the fact that we do not know when and where this may happen to our life, we must have an insurance every time we travel from especially internationally.

What are the benefits of Travel Insurance?
The following are the services which can be fulfilled by your travel insurance.
> Compensation or return of your lost property, When you start your journey to abroad you must be transparent with all the properties you have along your way to the company or authority to which  you have registered your insurance, some expensive properties like, laptops,camera,jewelry when get lost or damaged unexpectedly, we always loose hope especially when we do not have an outstanding balance to buy a new item of the same kind, But with travel insurance you can get back all your lost or damaged properties with the same quality, it does not matter how much it cost.

> Cost of health care, when we travel to abroad sometimes we meet a perfectly different environment condition which sometimes led to allege to our bodies and sometimes can led to illness as well, with travel insurance you do not need to pay anything for service, all you need is to show your  insurance identity card and wait for service, i does not matter how much it cost the company will pay for hundred percent,
Further more sometimes we travel by cars a long journey where the possibility of accident is higher as compared to flit mode of transport, so what's ever may happen along your way the company will be responsible for your, whether it's an accident all necessary cost for your treatments the company will pay,  

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