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As I have explained in the previous posts about an overview of Insurance, International Insurance versus local insurance is another important tip you should know.

> International Insurance, This is the legal agreement where by a company  guarantee a return or compensation of your property due to damage,loss or illness and the associated costs everywhere you are all over the world, the companies which offer international insurance services are not centralized in one country, they always tend to initiate their branches to different countries in order to that they can provide service in the easy way, as well as improving customer services.
Being an International insurance company doesn't mean that the company must initiate branches  to all countries but in the world but what they do to simplify access of services for their clients from or visiting to specified countries where the companies have not yet initiated their branches , They tends to link their business with the specific country social service providers like hospitals, hotels and other companies 
A good example you can attend a certain hospital seriously suffering from any disease, let say malaria but you are not good financially during that time so that you can handle any expenses associated with the service needed or treatment, but you have an Insurance identity card, 
In your heart you can tell yourself "Wow am going to get a perfect treatment for free because I have an insurance" wonderful enough once you try to submit your insurance identity card you may find statements like "We only accept Insurance identity cards from company AAA and BBB only.
Don't afraid as well as do not lose hope, this is how insurance companies work they sometimes tend to link with a specific social service provider or another company at least from one city in the country to where they have not yet established their branches, all you need to do is to contact the company and get assistance to where you should attend for the service you need from the place you are.

Pros  & Cons of International Insurance

The main advantage of International Insurance is high security of your mos expensive as well least expensive properties (items) everywhere you go.

But also one the dis advantages International Insurance is that, the Insurance companies sometimes does not fulfill the entire cost especially medical expenses when exceed a certain limit. 

> Local Insurance (national insurance) This is the legal agreement by which a company or an authority guarantee a return or compensation of your property due to damage,loss or illness and the associated costs everywhere you are within the country, in most cases local insurance does not work on abroad although local and international Insurance work in approximately the same fashion but  the only difference is in limitation of services, Local Insurance is limited within the country while International works worldwide. 

Pros & Con of Local Insurance

The main advantage local Insurance can be in terms of cost, most local Insurance companies offer services in low and affordable costs so that different classes of people can participate in the service,

But the Big dis advantage with this type of Insurance arise when some one's expensive item get lost  or danged unexpectedly, sometimes the return can take a longtime and sometimes the return or compensation may fail completely.   

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