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Have you ever asked by yourself on how can you find an international insurance company?

If the answer is yes then it's great hahaha.
But what i can say is International insurance companies are not centralized in one country but they exist in different nations worldwide to where their head quarters have been  established  with their branches established around all big cities in the world, but everywhere you are you can access the company service at any time from your local city through their official websites.
There are many international Insurance in the world but the do differ from one another depending with the quality of service they offer

The following is the list of the top five best international Insurance company according to International insurance expertise and customer ratting to those companies.
Number One, UnitedHealth Group  Incorporated
This is the biggest Insurance company in the world centralized in United States of america, The company is specialized in health care services.(Health Insurance services)
Number two, AXA 
This the second International insurance company which is centralized in Paris France, the company have been offering Insurance and financial services for more than twenty years.
Number three,  Assicurazioni General S.P.A 
This is the third International Insurance company in the world centralized in Italy offering insurance 
Number four, Alianz SE
This is the fourth International Insurance company which is centralized in Germany, the company offers Insurance and financial services as well, but this company is specializes to one type of insurance service which is Business Insurance.
Number Five, Anthem Inc
This The International Insurance company ranking number five in the world biggest insurance companies int he world, The company is centralized in united states of America offering health care services (Health Insurance) and products world wide.

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